Thanks so much for visiting my profile. I have heaps of stories to tell and Medium has proven to be a wonderful place for me to tell them.

I have always loved to write since I was a little girl. When I began my online social media and business coaching, one of my biggest joys was writing my blog. Every time I have been tasked with completing a piece of writing, it is something that I throw myself into and take enormous pleasure in shutting the world out while I write.

I realised that I had more to offer to the world when people began showing an interest in my journaling habits and techniques, as well as finding myself writing content for my own social media channels as well as ghost writing content for my coaching clients. This was when I decided to take myself seriously as a writer.

Medium is where I throw out a lot of my personal content on topics such as self-reflection, personal health, parenting, kindness and writing. I write humour as well as more serious pieces. You can read more about me here and here.

Some of my writing accomplishments so far: I have shared some of my experiences in There She Glows Volume Two and have sold content with full rights on various topics from health and wellness to email marketing.

If you are looking for guidance to growing your presence here on Medium, or for help in creating engaging content of any kind, self-written or ghost-written, do send me an email at

I look forward to connecting!

Sally 🌼

Reading is my excuse, writing is my alibi.

Creator of The Goddess Collective Organic Tee Shirt range | mother, coach and journaling nerd.

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Wilfully niche-less, playfully word-weaving. Rethinking life through my words. Sometimes too seriously, sometimes not seriously enough.